Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's been tough for the past four weeks with seemingly constant testing here.
Monday, when the rest of the Army had a holiday, I took a 5 hour practical exam where I had to set up a radar system and connect it to nine other different systems using IP addresses and cat V cable. I even had to build a LAN cable! (It worked!)
Tuesday I studied. Then yesterday I took another practical exam, this one two hours long, where I had to set up and configure a satellite link and two radio systems that have to be in perfect timing sync to talk to each other. Then after that I had to take a closed book written exam. My Army colleagues and I breathed a sigh of relief last night and celebrated.
Today and tomorrow are big days. My family (that I haven't seen since February) will arrive here this afternoon. Tomorrow is the graduation ceremony. Then I'll take my family on a little vacation through White Sands, Roswell, New Mexico, and other points of interest as we make our way back home. We're planning a stop at the fabulous Casa Bonita restaurant near Denver.

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