Friday, November 25, 2011

2 Gig Memory for Gateway

Performance Awesomeness:  I just doubled my RAM on my Gateway 465-E to 2 GB, and my Ubuntu runs great! Keep in mind, folks, this is a computer that sells now for less than $200. It's got a dual core Centrino 1.66 GHz processor. A nearly five-year old laptop that feels new is impressive.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What makes a systems administrator successful?

The productive sys admin is aware that making a change involves risk, and has to balance that risk with the knowledge that continuous improvement requires change.

Including Timesheet Items Change: PPM Time Management default changes for 9.12

Problem:  In HP's PPM, for Time Management, when user goes to create a timesheet Create > Timesheet, then user selects the "Include Items from My Items List" box, it creates a blank timesheet with no items. We just upgraded from 7.5 to 9.12. It worked before the upgrade to 9.12.

Resolution: From the What's New Guide (attached):

Previous to 9.12, users could choose the option to copy items from the My Items list rather than a previous timesheet. This has changed in 9.12.
The new server.conf parameter TM_DISABLE_INCLUDING_LAST_TS_ITEMS controls whether users can still choose to include items from a time sheet for the most recent previous period. However, HP Time Management prevents users from including items from both their My Items lists and a time sheet for the previous period. For more information, see the Upgrade Guide.

This has been changed since most of our customers prefer to use it this way and Product Marketing has decided to change the design, however you have the option to control this by using the TM_DISABLE_INCLUDING_LAST_TS_ITEMS, you may find further information on the upgrade guide.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm a Workflow Genius:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And here is my resume, so you won't have to go out to the Google Docs link:

Greg Shrout
System Administrator/Project Manager/Systems Analyst; 641-780-5377
Clearance: U.S. Secret (current)
Seeking IT Leadership position; travel; consulting

System Admin, user coordination, requirements gathering, Unix/Linux, networks, integration, communicating, organizing and facilitating, getting user and team buy-in.

System Admin/Project Manager/Systems Analyst at Pella Corporation
1993 - Present (18 years)
System Admin for HP PPM for users, licenses and modules. Subject Matter Expert for Demand Management, Time Management and Deployment Management modules. Implemented the link between PPM and Microsoft Project. To solve reporting issues, came up with the unique solution of running ITSM queries from PPM and displaying in PPM HTML portlet. Maintained the HP Project and Portfolio Management system and HP's IT Service Manager system (ITSM), software analysis and development using Oracle SQL, Unix/Linux shell scripting, C/C++, Data Warehouse using Progress (a proprietary 4GL) extraction coding and Cognos PowerCubes. Position also required project planning, developing training plans, training users, and creating systems documentation.
System Admin/Project Manager at Pella Corporation
August 2011 - Present
Pulled people and things together to get the PPM system upgraded for three separate major upgrades. Maintained HP's PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) system and HP's ITSM (IT Service Manager system), software analysis and report/portlet development using Oracle SQL.
Command and Control Systems Integrator at Iowa Army National Guard
Nov 2008 - Present
Configured Cisco switches and defense computer systems (TAIS, ADSI, TacView C2 and AMDWS) to integrate radio, radar and computer systems to provide the commander and staff ability to command and control their tactical ground and air elements – ability to see and talk to air/ground vehicles and people using CCNA skills and advanced troubleshooting methods; configured the LAN based radar signal and configured the computer system so user can see air tracks on the radar. Installed Linux system from scratch, configured software and hardware as needed. Installed CentOS Linux, Linux Mint, Ubuntu as needed. During this time period, had a safe record.
System Admin/Systems Analyst - Kintana/ITG/PPM at Pella Corporation
2005 - 2010
System Admin for users, licenses and modules primarily in PPM's Demand Management, Time Management, and Deployment Management modules. Developed four request types for Change Management from the ground up, to include background look-ups, drop-downs and workflows. Delivered major efforts within two weeks (on-time). Delivered minor changes within one day. Used SQL to build the portlets/reports for the data to be accessed by users, including graphical pie-chart portlets based on queries. Adapted nearly a dozen object types to work properly within our workflows and systems for migration from Dev to QA to Production Oracle systems. Developed object migration workflows to enable objects like SQL scripts, Unix scripts, and Oracle AOL Objects to be migrated across systems. Remedy Help Desk administrator.
Systems Analyst - Testing at Pella Corporation
2002 - 2005
Starting with Oracle 9, assisted testing through 3 major database upgrades by building dozens of automated tests using Mercury QuickTest Pro. Delivered quickly, usually under one week. Managed test changes and maintained over one hundred manual and automated tests in Mercury Test Director. Managed the software licenses for testing.
Oracle ERP User Admin/User Trainer at Pella Corporation
2001 - 2002
During the Oracle ERP implementation, was chosen to write documentation and personally train dozens of users across the company on Supply Chain, Oracle iProcurement and Logistics procedures. As User System Admin, had responsibility to configure user accounts. Helped write more than a dozen How-to documents, maintained and published nearly one hundred documents in an organized, Oracle Tutor-Author database.
System Admin/Progress 4GL Programmer at Pella Corporation
1993 - 2001
System and user administration on three HP-UX systems, managed files and disk space, managed system upgrades and performed database upgrades, database indexing, field and table administration. Programmed Unix shell scripts and wrote Progress 4GL reports. Developed and maintained two home-grown Microsoft Access applications, including a personnel database which I designed and implemented from the ground up.
Adjunct Instructor at Graceland University
1998 - 2002
Taught weekly sessions of Intro to Unix, Intro to Databases/SQL.
Adjunct Instructor at Des Moines Area Community College/Pella Community
1995 - 1998
Taught weekly sessions of Intro to Computers/Personal Computing.
U.S. Army Reserve Officer/Platoon Leader/Company Commander/Property Officer
1984 - 1995
5th Signal Command, Europe. Took care of soldiers, organized social events, disseminated information, handled property accountability, coordination/involved with the maintenance, operation and upgrade of on-post telephone systems at the branch office for four US/NATO communities (Bad Kreuznach, Baumholder, Mainz, Wiesbaden).
Systems Trainer at Mycro-Tek, Inc.
1991 - 1992
For Printing and Publishing industry, trained users on QuarkXpress for Mac, general Mac usage, and a proprietary text-editor system for newspapers and business journals that linked to QuarkXpress.
Adjunct Instructor at City Colleges of Chicago
1987 - 1987
Bad Kreuznach, Germany: Taught weekly sessions of Intro To Computers.

Trident University
M.S., IT Management, 2008 - 2011
Summa Cum Laude; GPA 3.88
Central Missouri State University
B.S., Electronics Technology, 1980 - 1984
Activities and Societies: President local IEEE chapter, President local Scabbard and Blade military
honor society, President local Pershing Rifles fraternity, National Sojourners Award, at high-school: National Honor Society.
Honors and Awards
Army Achievement Medal (4 times), Eagle Scout, 3 year ROTC scholarship award.
Golf, bicycling, walking, blogging, reading.
Managed four consultants as required for HP projects.
IT support to our local church as needed, to include PC, Mac, and Google docs.
Graduate of the Dale Carnegie Course. Continuing education courses have included: Production Management, DeBono's Lateral Thinking, High Impact Presentations, Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator (1211), and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (INTJ).
Applicable Technology List:
Hardware: Cisco switch programming and VLAN setup, PC desktop and laptop builds and repairs, Mac desktop and laptop builds and repairs, Windows and Mac upgrades.

Software: HP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM), Oracle SQL, Oracle ERP/E-Business Suite, Oracle iProcurement, PL/SQL, Cognos PowerCubes, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, HP IT Service Manager (ITSM), Remedy Help Desk (Action Request system), Benthic Golden SQL editor, WRQ Reflection Terminal Emulator, PuTTy Terminal Emulator.

Scripting/Programming: Unix shell script, Microsoft Access/Visual Basic, Progress 4GL, C/C++, Mercury Quick Test Professional, X.25 EDI.

Unix/Linux: HP-UX, CentOS, Ubuntu, gOS, Linux Mint, Knoppix, Gnome, KDE, Slax.
Networking: TCP/IP, Link-16, DHCP, Active Directory, AppleTalk, FTP, Apache, Frame Relay, LDAP, Cisco Routers; Wireless: Broadcom wifi.
ITIL, Windows 7, Mac OS X-Snow Leopard and Lion.

Other Skills
Mentoring, Requirements Gathering, Problem Solving, Documentation, Familiar with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

Professional Associations
IEEE – Institute for Electricity Electronics Engineers, and ACM - Association for Computing Machinery.

Greg Shrout
System Admin/Project Manager/Systems Analyst; 641-780-5377

Here is a link to my resume, on Google Documents.

Here is an update: You've seen the news about our nation's economic troubles, where it seems somewhat vague, as if it was happening to someone else. Here's the reality: in three months, from July to October this year, my retirement fund lost $20,000. And last week I found out I may not have a job next month. Thank you, President Obama and congress; way to run a winning team.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm starting a new phase in life. Like "The Most Interesting Man In The World" says: It's never too late to beef up your obituary. Please look for more posts, as I describe my challenges, tips and tricks. Having recently completed my Master's degree, I've got a little more time available to me, and I'm pretty motivated.
I will post my resume. I have submitted applications for jobs at Northrop-Grumman, Boeing, Ultra-Electronics, Harris, and Cargill.