Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Update

Yesterday morning I went in for more training on the radar, radio, crypto, and computer systems on which we are training.
At lunch-time, I decided to watch a movie that I'd seen advertised on TV: Drag Me To Hell.
The first theater I went to in my new car did not show my movie. Jumped back in my new car (did I tell you about my new VW Jetta?) and headed out west to Mesa Drive. That theater had it!
OK, I'm a junk food junkie - I got a huge tub of popcorn, Whoppers, and an Icee. Heaven! The movie was pretty good, too!
Today (Sunday), James and I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Mmm...Sweet tea - a taste of the South!
Later, James, Ben and I went to the golf driving range. That's the best $4.50 (for a bucket of balls) I have ever spent!
For dinner, we all went to El Taco Tote. Now I should be writing papers for my post-grad class, but instead I'm doing this.

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