Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Including Timesheet Items Change: PPM Time Management default changes for 9.12

Problem:  In HP's PPM, for Time Management, when user goes to create a timesheet Create > Timesheet, then user selects the "Include Items from My Items List" box, it creates a blank timesheet with no items. We just upgraded from 7.5 to 9.12. It worked before the upgrade to 9.12.

Resolution: From the What's New Guide (attached):

Previous to 9.12, users could choose the option to copy items from the My Items list rather than a previous timesheet. This has changed in 9.12.
The new server.conf parameter TM_DISABLE_INCLUDING_LAST_TS_ITEMS controls whether users can still choose to include items from a time sheet for the most recent previous period. However, HP Time Management prevents users from including items from both their My Items lists and a time sheet for the previous period. For more information, see the Upgrade Guide.

This has been changed since most of our customers prefer to use it this way and Product Marketing has decided to change the design, however you have the option to control this by using the TM_DISABLE_INCLUDING_LAST_TS_ITEMS, you may find further information on the upgrade guide.

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