Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lacuna Coil Rocks El Paso

Wow! I cannot say enough good things about the first lady of melodic Heavy Metal, Cristina Scabbia and her band Lacuna Coil! They rocked El Paso tonight!
These performers poured themselves out on the stage. Their first number was so powerful it literally brought tears to my eyes! It was truly a treat to have been there when Cristina belted out Our Truth in the middle of the set. She really puts emotion into her performance, and co-lead singer Andrea Ferro equally worked the audience to a frenzy, as all the band members bounced in time on the stage as they performed Fragile.
I was right in the middle of the mosh pit. There were only five people between the performers and myself. It's hard to describe the surge of emotion as a sea of humanity surges forward and the deep bass thrums in your chest and great performers are on the stage putting themselves into a great, energetic performance for the audience.
It would be easy to feel that the vocalists overshadowed the entire performance, but to be fair to the other performers, (two guitarists, a bassist, and the drummer) they all rendered spot-on performances. Musically, they were great, and as showmen, they were top-notch. The band members connected with the audience - they looked out into the audience from the stage and really had eye contact with the audience, who responded, shall we say, enthusiastically!
I left the concert after the Lacuna Coil set, because I felt there no way The Cult, the headliner performance, or fireworks, could top Lacuna Coil.
On this blessed Independence Day, we not only say long live the United States of America, we say long live Italia! Not only do they make great cars, they can rock the house down!
And if you haven't already, run out and get Lacuna Coil's three releases:
Comalies, Karma Code, and Shallow Life.
Songs played during their live set:
To The Edge
Without Fear
I Won't Tell You
I'm Not Afraid
Our Truth
What I See
The Prophet Said
Heaven's A Lie
The Ghost Woman And The Hunter
Fragments Of Faith
Enjoy The Silence

And for more info, check out this link:
Here's another perspective on the event published by the El Paso Times.

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